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Wayanad Holiday Packages - 2024

At Troper Tours, we believe that a tour should be more than just a journey from one destination to another; it should be a transformative experience that immerses you in the local culture, customs, and traditions. That’s why we offer Wayanad Holiday packages designed to create unforgettable memories.

Our Wayanad Holiday packages for family provide the perfect opportunity for families to explore the beauty and culture of this stunning region. Enjoy activities such as visiting the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, exploring the Edakkal Caves, and taking a scenic boat ride on Pookode Lake. Families can bond over shared adventures like trekking to Chembra Peak or visiting the beautiful Meenmutty and Soochipara Waterfalls.

For those looking for a quick getaway, our Wayanad Trip packages for 3 days and Wayanad tour packages for 2 days offer a perfect escape. These packages are ideal for travelers who want to experience the best of Wayanad in a short amount of time. Highlights include exploring the Banasura Sagar Dam, visiting the historical Pazhassi Raja Tomb, and enjoying a serene walk through the lush tea and coffee plantations.

Couples can enjoy a romantic retreat with our Wayanad Honeymoon packages for couple. These packages are designed to provide a serene and intimate experience, perfect for celebrating special occasions or simply spending quality time together. Enjoy a private trek to the heart-shaped lake on Chembra Peak, a cozy stay in a luxury treehouse, or a tranquil visit to the Kuruva Island for a peaceful picnic amidst nature.

Discover a world of adventure and relaxation with Troper Tours. Contact us today to start planning your next unforgettable journey with our Wayanad tour packages

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Popular Wayanad Tour Packages

03 Nights 04 Days 

INR 34,500 Onwards

02 Nights 03 Days 

INR 27,500 Onwards

01 Nights 02 Days

INR 18,500 Onwards

02 Nights 03 Days

INR 22,500 Onwards

Explore Wayanad Travel Packages: Nature's Beauty and Cultural Riches Await

Wayanad, nestled at Kerala’s lush green border and ensconced in the Western Ghats mountains, is a pristine destination rich in culture and history. Located 76 kilometers from Kozhikode’s coast, this charming hill station boasts diverse crops, dense forests, and abundant wildlife. It’s an ideal retreat for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike. For those eager to explore Wayanad’s natural abundance, booking a Wayanad tour package promises an enriching local sightseeing experience.

Wayanad Holiday Packages

Your Ultimate Guide to Wayanad Tour Packages: Unveiling the Best Deals

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction

  2. Wayanad Tour Packages Overview

  3. Best Wayanad Tour Packages for Different Travelers

  4. Wayanad Tour Packages for Couples

  5. Wayanad Tour Packages for Family

  6. Wayanad tour packages for 3 Days

  7. Wayanad Trip packages for 2 Days

  8. Wayanad tour packages for 1 Day

  9. Affordable Wayanad Tour Packages

  10. Wayanad Holiday Packages from Chennai and Bangalore

  11. Conclusion


Are you seeking an enchanting getaway to the captivating destination of Wayanad? Look no further, as this comprehensive guide unveils everything you need to know about the best Wayanad tour packages that cater to all kinds of travelers. Whether you’re planning a romantic escape or a fun-filled family vacation, there’s a perfect package waiting for you.

Wayanad Tour Packages Overview

Wayanad, located in the lap of nature in Kerala, India, offers a plethora of tour packages to explore its natural beauty, wildlife sanctuaries, and cultural attractions. One of the most popular choices among travelers is the diverse range of Wayanad tour packages that cater to different interests and preferences.

Best Wayanad Tour Packages for Different Travelers

Wayanad Honeymoon Packages for Couples

Couples seeking a romantic escapade can opt for Wayanad tour packages specially designed to amplify the love and bond between partners. These packages often include cozy accommodations, candlelight dinners, and enchanting experiences amidst the verdant landscapes of Wayanad.

Wayanad Tour Packages for Family

For families looking for a memorable vacation, Wayanad tour packages offer a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. With activities for all age groups, family-friendly accommodations, and guided tours of popular attractions, these packages ensure a delightful experience for everyone.

Wayanad Holiday Packages for 3 Days

Ideal for travelers with a longer duration for exploration, the 3-day Wayanad tour packages provide an in-depth experience of the region’s highlights. From lush tea plantations to cascading waterfalls and wildlife encounters, these packages offer a comprehensive itinerary for a fulfilling trip.

Wayanad Packages for 2 Days

Perfect for a weekend getaway, the 2-day Wayanad tour packages allow travelers to make the most of their time in this picturesque destination. With curated experiences, comfortable stays, and expert guidance, these packages ensure a memorable short escape.

Wayanad Packages for 1 Day

Short on time but eager to explore Wayanad? The 1-day tour packages are tailored to offer a glimpse of the region’s beauty and essence in a day. From quick tours of key attractions to authentic culinary experiences, these packages are designed for efficient yet enjoyable trips.

Affordable Wayanad Packages

Travelers on a budget can rejoice with the range of affordable Wayanad tour packages below 5000. These value-for-money packages include essential amenities, sightseeing tours, and comfortable stays at budget-friendly rates. Experience the beauty of Wayanad without breaking the bank.

Wayanad Packages from Chennai and Bangalore

Planning a getaway from Chennai or Bangalore to Wayanad? Opt for specialized tour packages that cater to travelers from these cities. With convenient transportation options, expert-guided tours, and seamless itineraries, these packages ensure a hassle-free journey to Wayanad’s paradise.


In conclusion, Wayanad tour packages offer a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of nature, culture, and adventure in this captivating destination. Whether you’re a couple seeking romance, a family looking for fun, or a traveler on a budget, there’s a perfect package awaiting you in Wayanad. Choose your ideal tour package and embark on a memorable journey to rejuvenate your soul amidst Wayanad’s pristine beauty.

For more information on the best Wayanad tour packages and personalized itineraries, feel free to reach out to us. Let’s help you plan your dream vacation to Wayanad!

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(FAQ) About Wayanad Tour Packages

Explore popular places like Edakkal Caves, Pookode Lake, Banasura Sagar Dam, and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Enjoy activities such as boating, trekking, wildlife safaris, and visits to waterfalls and historical sites.

Depending on your interests, Wayanad tours typically range from 2 to 4 days to cover major attractions comfortably.

The best time to visit Wayanad is during the cooler months from October to May, avoiding the monsoon season for outdoor activities.

Wayanad offers a range of luxury resorts and boutique stays amidst scenic landscapes for a comfortable and memorable stay.

Enjoy traditional Kerala cuisine with local flavors and specialties like Malabar biryani, appam, and seafood delicacies.

Yes, Wayanad offers family-friendly activities such as nature walks, wildlife safaris, and visits to children-friendly attractions like parks and museums.

You can reach Wayanad by road from nearby cities or fly to Calicut Airport and then proceed by road, approximately 2-3 hours away.

Pack comfortable clothing suitable for both warm days and cooler nights, trekking shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a camera to capture the scenic beauty.

Wayanad offers adventure activities such as zip-lining, rock climbing, and bamboo rafting at select locations, perfect for thrill-seekers.

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