The tribal life of Kerala

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Kerala, a state in southern India, is home to several indigenous tribes who have their unique customs, traditions, and way of life. These tribes are spread across the hilly regions of the state, especially in Wayanad, Palakkad, and Idukki districts The tribes of Kerala have been living in the forests and hills for centuries and have a deep connection with nature. They have their own language, food, dress, and customs. They are skilled in hunting, fishing, and agriculture and have their own unique techniques and tools. The tribes of Kerala have faced many challenges over the years, including displacement from their ancestral lands due to deforestation and development projects. The government of Kerala has taken several initiatives to protect and promote the welfare of these tribes, including providing education, healthcare, and job opportunities.

One of the most prominent tribes in Kerala is the Adivasis, who are believed to be the original inhabitants of the region. They have a rich cultural heritage and have their own festivals and rituals, such as the Puthari festival, which is celebrated after the harvest season. Another significant tribe in Kerala is the Kurichiyas, who are known for their unique dress, which consists of a long black skirt and a white shirt. They are skilled in agriculture and also practice hunting and fishing. The Irulas are another tribe in Kerala, who are known for their expertise in snake-catching. They use traditional techniques to catch snakes, which are then sold to the local snake charmers. The tribal life of Kerala is rich and diverse, and the government of Kerala has taken several initiatives to preserve and promote the welfare of these tribes. This includes initiatives like providing education, healthcare, and job opportunities, as well as promoting eco-tourism in the tribal areas to generate income for the tribal communities while also preserving their unique culture and way of life

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