Poovar – The Soul Enhancing River Ways

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It is a beautiful river originates from the western Ghats (Sahyadri). Popularly known as Neyyar, means the river of ghee, flowing down from the mountains carrying water with medicinal effects as it touches along its course many medicinal plants, closing on to the Arabian sea at the estuary it is called Poovar, the river of flowers. As the name itself says it looks and feels like a beautiful flower. To enjoy the beauty of it and the vast beaches with golden sand, with the sun setting in the horizon, one can go for a nice motor boat cruise around the river.
"Flowers along the river bed" - Poovar Island
It is having mangroves all along the banks of the different branches of this river which at the mouth of the sea looks like a vast lake carrying green water, soothes the minds of everyone. It is a haven for the bird watchers. With many different types of birds coming from far away places to nestle and hatching their chicks when it is winter in Europe, is a scene must to watch.
Here, one can see very rare types of king fishers. The small winding canals with the mangroves and other trees growing all across them, is the perfect place for the migratory birds to nestle. There are many resorts, hotels and home stays on and around the two islands around them the river flows to meet the sea.
Situated 30 kms from Thiruvananthapuram city, it is accessible by road till Poovar junction. From there if one wants to enjoy the beauty of the river, golden beach and the canals around the islands, better hire a private boat which are in plenty around there. It takes you around at an affordable price.

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