Onam the nostalgia of Keralites

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Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, is the most important festival for the people of this land, is celebrated by everybody, irrespective of their beilief systems, social customs and systems, their financial status, and various other differences. During this time, where ever they are in the world, will reach their home land, to celebrate this festival with their relatives and friends.
For many people, it is an opportunity to meet their old friends and other relatives who are normally live away from each other. It is celebrated in sucha way by each and everyone. There is one phrase in Malayalam to underline the importance of this festival, ‘kanam vittum onam unnanam’, means, at any cost one should celebrate this festival. However, poor or rich one is.
It is celebrated for ten days, but the second day of the festival is considered as the most important one, called Thiruvonam. It is on the first day, Uthradam, people finish all the arrangements and getting ready for the Thiruvonam day. The preparations made by the people on this day is sweetly called as ‘Uthradapaachil’ means the enthusiasm and the speed shown by the people for the last minute preparation to receive Mahabali on the Thiruvonam day.
The preparation and enthusiasm expressed by the Keralaites to celebrate this festival, elevate this moment to one of the highest events of the globe.
Onam Festival 2022 | All You Need to Know About Onam, Kerala

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