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Kannur is dubbed as the City of Looms and Lores, thanks to the flourishing handloom industry and folk art called Theyyam. Theyyamis a ritualistic artform encompassing dance, music and mime, where the artist dons the guise of God. Kannur is believed to have got its name from being the land of Kannan or Krishna.
The town of Kannur is the district headquarters and gives the district its name. The old name, Cannanore is the anglicised form of the Malayalam name “Kannur”. Kannur district is bounded by Kasaragod District to the north, Kozhikode district to the south and Wayanad District to the southeast.
  • Choottad Beach – Unexplored Beauty
It is a brilliant undeveloped beach in Pazhayangadi, 30 km from the village of Kannur. The water and trees in the lush edge marathon on one side of this location and the navy blue OMB perunba, on the other, offer unique views and experiences. Choottad Beach also has playpens and canoe facilities during the Peruvian recession. The beach stretches for a long time and extends to Petit Yang Gadi beach.
◾Location: Chootad Beach, Puthiyangadi Beach Road, Pullikkanam to Vagamon, KeralA.
◾Distance from Kannur: 27 km
◾Travel time by car: 39 minutes
  • Arakkal Museum – Ancient Beauty
The Arakkal Museum pays homage to the only Islamic Royal Khe. The palace located in Eitkara, 3 km from the village of Kannur. The castle, with a history of 200 years, was renovated into a historical museum which was renovated in 2005. It presents the history of the Arakkaru house and the regional influence of the delegation of “Rajas” and “Vivis” d’Arakaru (lords of men and women). The museum presents many other copies of the investigation revealing details of ancient documents, maps, drawings, and family activities, as well as the relationship with spices trading in European colonies. All these old antiques make it a Kerala museum. The Alagar Family Trust manages the Arakaru Museum.
◾Location: Arakkal Museum, Ayikkara Government, Pullikkanam to Vagamon, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 3.3 km
◾Travel time by car: 10 minutes
  • Dharmadam Island – Charming Paradise
It is the charming paradise of Taradrami Taraseri Island. It is a beautiful secluded spot with 5 hectares of coconut palms and lush bushes. The island surrounded by three sides surrounded by the Zara river, which deleted and the fourth side surrounded by the Arabian Sea. An island is a beautiful place on the flowing beaches. At low tide, the sea recedes, and tourists can visit the island. But at high tide, the water rises sharply, so there is no danger of going alone on the island. When traveling at low tide, please consult your local guide. The green island is uninhabited, but some wells represent human existence. The fantastic thing about the island is that the water is not salty.
◾Location: Dharmadam Island, Kerala to Vagamon, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 18 km
◾Travel time by car: 29 minutes
  • St. Angelo Fort – Beautiful Landscapes
Angelo Fort located approximately three kilometres west of the historic center of Cana. The historical record shows that the Netherlands occupied the fort in Portugal in 1663 and sold it to Arina on Kannur. From the fort, you can enjoy the magnificent landscapes of Mapira Bay and Daruma Domu Island. There is also a fascinating landscape of natural fish tanks and barriers that protrude from the fortress that blocks the rough seas and the inland seas.
Location: St. Angelo Fort, Near Cannanore Cantonment, Pullikkanam to Vagamon, Kerala
Distance from Kannur: 3.42 km
Travel time by car: 10 minutes
  • Payyambalam Beach – Exquisite Beauty
Payyambalam Beach is just 2 km from the town of Kannur, with a large golden sandy beach and a garden next door. It is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists. The beach is long, comprehensive, and reaches 4 km. Payyambalam Beach offers water skiing, parasailing, and boat trips by Kerala Tourism. The beach gardens on the cliffs also form a natural border on the beachside.
◾Location: Seaside home stay, Payyambalam Beach, to Vagamon, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 3 km
◾Travel time by car: 10 minutes
  • Meenkunnu Beach – Away From The Crowd
Meenkunnu Beach surfs behind large dense coconut palms on this beautiful golden sandy beach. About 10 kilometers from the city of Kannur, located along the coast of the same Payyambalam beach. Meenkunnu means “mountain of fish” and refers to the long fishing tradition of seaside villages. There is a cliff on this beach, and it’s a good point. For those who feel a little crowded at Payyambalam Beach, this beach is the best place to play.
◾Location: Meenkunnu Beach, Azhikode South, Kerala to Vagamon, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 16 km
◾Travel time by car: 30 minutes
  • Muzhappilangad Beach – Drive-in Beach
Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach is the only entry beach in Kerala, and it has the longest entry beach in India. You can drive along the 4km beach without worrying about beaching on the beach. Another exciting element of this coastline is the shape of the black rock. The foundation is also home to delicious seafood mussels. The water around the small stones had gently splashed with temptation. This beach is also a pleasure for swimming! The inexperienced beach of Pirangut attracts bird watchers far away for hundreds of birds congregating here, whatever the season.
◾Location: Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach, Muzhappilan, Pullikkanam to Vagamon, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 15 km
◾Travel time by car: 24 minutes
  • Parassinikkadavu Snake Park – Learn About Snakes
Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is one of the main tourist attractions in Kannur. Snake Farm created to protect the Kerala snake. Cobra There are many poisonous snakes, including a variety of venomous and deep-sea snakes, including King Cobra, Russell Viper, Gurascoy, and Python. Experienced staff discuss and share snakes in the park, educate and raise awareness to dispel the fear of these reptiles.
◾Location: Parassinikkadavu Snake Park, Parassinikkadavu, Pullikkanam to Vagamon, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 16 km
◾Travel time by car: 21 minutes
  • Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary – Into The Wild
Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of ​​(55) square kilometers, located on the western slopes of the Western Ghats. Compared to the other famous flora and fauna of Kerala, the Ararimu reserve has many mountains, ranging from 50 to 1145 meters. Trekking in this mountain due to its high quality requires durability. The Ararimu sanctuary is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including wildlife, jungle cats, bison, elephants, wild boars, leopards, and a diverse list. The best time to visit Ararimu is from June to October.
◾Location: Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Kannur, Kerala to Vagamon, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 61 km
◾Travel time by car: 1.5 hours
  • Thalassery Fort – Marvellous Architecture
The memorial is located on a low tree-lined mountain with the protection of mineral water, which extends directly towards the sea. The building of the Terry Cherry fortress has a massive wall, a complex but beautifully carved door, a tunnel of secrets on the sea, ​​ ​​an indestructible fortress, and a magnificent building of Kannur.
◾Location: Thalassery Fort, Thalassery New Bus Stand to Vagamon, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 22 km
◾Travel time by car: 31 minutes
  • Kannur Lighthouse – Lighting The Way
Kannur lighthouse is the only lighthouse in Kannur and is the very first lighthouse in Kerala. The lighthouse was built in the early months of 1903 and has height of 75 feet. The lighthouse has been functioning for over a century and has withstand the attacks of the Arabian Sea. This cylindrical concrete tower is one of the places near Kannur that should be visited. To alert the seamen of the land, the light in the balcony of the lighthouses is turned during the onset of evening. Visit this place and fall in love with its mesmerising backdrop and impeccable view.
◾Location: Burnacherry, Kannur, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 3 kms
◾Travel time by car: 10 mins
  • Baby Beach – Panoramic Views
As the name suggests, Baby Beach in Kannur is a small but quite attractive beach along the shore of the Arabian Sea. Don’t let the name or the size of the beach deter you from visiting this place. It is one of the places near Kannur that famous as a picnic spot amongst the locals and attracts large number of tourists with its panoramic view of the azure Arabian Sea. The Payamballam Beach extends further and forms the Baby Beach. The beach is a rocky beach where people can sit on the huge rocks and relax while staring onto the sea water.
◾Location: Cantonment Area, Kannur
◾Distance from Kannur: 3 kms
◾Travel time by car: 10 mins
  • Palakkayam Thattu – Majestic Mountains
Located at an elevation of 3500 feet and tucked between the greenery of Western Ghats is the Palakkayam Thattu, one of the places near Kannur that is worth visiting. It is a beautiful hill station in Kerala which is blessed with greenery, tall trees, majestic mountains, and views that are jaw dropping. Thanks to its altitude, the hill station witnesses low hanging clouds making the entire environment here misty and fresh. It is one of the most popular attraction amongst trekkers.
◾Location: Karuvanchal – Vellad, Chadikundu-Mavumchal, Palakkayam, Thattu, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 48 kms
◾Travel time by car: 1 hour 20 mins
  • Madayipara – Gorgeous Landscapes
Madayipara, situated on a hill near Pazhayangadi, is famous as one of the most gorgeous landscapes in Kerala. The place is regarded as ‘the land of flowers’ and is more often than not compared with the Tulip Gardens of Amsterdam. It is also famous as you can witness the change in appearance with every season. From a hill of gorgeous colors due to flora to an azure of golden field due to long grass; this places is beautiful no matter what the season. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit near Kannur and it attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year.
◾Location: Pazhayangadi, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 24 kms
◾Travel time by car: 30 mins
  • Ezhimala – Pristine Surroundings
Surrounded by a pristine beach, Ezhimala is a hill that elevates to the heights of 286-meters. Ezhimala is famous for two things; carved stone structures, and herbs that are believed to be medicinal in nature. The word Ezhimala is derived from the words ‘ezhu’ and ‘mala’ that literally translates to seven peaks. This hill station is one of the places to visit near Kannur which is popular for its rich history as well. It is believed that this peak was dropped by Lord Hanuman while he was carrying Sanjeevani herb.
◾Location: Payyanur, Kannur, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 34 kms
◾Travel time by car: 55 mins
  • Taliparamba – Rustic Charm
Taliparamba is one of the cities in Kerala that is located at a distance of 25 kms from Kannur and is quite famous as a tourist destination. The beauty of the place is enhanced by the Valapattanam River and Kuppam River flowing through it. It is one of the many beautiful places to visit near Kannur and its beauty is exemplified by the lush green fields and ancient-styled houses. Together they give this place a rustic charm which should not be missed.
◾Location: Kannur, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 21 kms
◾Travel time by car: 27 mins
  • Paithalmala – Breathtaking Beauty
Tucked in the forests of Kodagu in Kannur district is a small hill station known as Paithalmala. It is one of the most beautiful tourist places near Kannur, in the Western Ghats, housing beautiful peaks and mesemrizing views. Paithalmala is one of the tallest peak in Kannur standing tall at an elevation of of 4500 ft. It is a popular place for trekking and quite famous amongst nature and adventure lovers. With captivating beauty, thrilling trekking trails and abundance of lush greenery it is one of the best destinations to visit.
◾Location: Kudiyanmala, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 61 kms
◾Travel time by car: 1 hour 40 mins
  • Peralassery – Awe-inspiring Location
Peralassery is a town that is located at a distance of 15 kms from Kannur and is famous for its Peralassery Subrahmanya Temple. It is a popular belief here that during their journey to free Goddess Sita from Lanka, Lord Ram and Lord Laxman stopped at this temple and they left a bangle here. It is one of the tourist places near Kannur that is known for its religious significance and spirituality.
◾Location: Kunnar, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 14 kms
◾Travel time by car: 22 mins
  • Theyyam – Indulge In Festivities
Theyyam is one of the most popular tourist places near Kannur, and is quite popular due to its Theyyam festival. Drawing the attention of thousands of people every year from across the country, this festival is renowned as the most remarkable and riveting art form of Malabar, the northern part of Kerala. This joyous celebration includes performances of over four hundred different traditional folk dances and is celebrated to appease the many local deities, gods, goddesses and heroes of the gripping ancient legends. Performers are dressed in attractive traditional costumes, captivating headgear and alluring ornaments with colourful face paints and creative face masks on.
◾Location: Madayi Para, Pazhayangadi, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 23 kms
◾Travel time by car: 28 mins
  • Ezhara Beach – Exuberant Beach
The coastal border of Kannur is host to many of the most beautiful and spectacular beaches of Kerala, one of which is the Ezhara Beach. This palm-fringed beach is actually a rock-strewn one with crimson cliffs and giant rocks lining up the coastline in the most attractive and scenic way possible. The Ezhara Beach is sure to charm you with the panoramic view of the azure waters of the Arabian Sea and its foamy white waves crashing against the rocks.
◾Location: Kannur, Kerala
◾Distance from Kannur: 12 kms
◾Travel time by car: 20 mins

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