Is it safe to travel at night in Kerala

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Yes, it is. May be it needs comparison. For, Kerala is one of the many states in India which is
proud of being a self sustainable state. India is a very big country with more than 1 billion
people. Kerala has a population of more than 33 million, it makes this land as one of the states
which has a high density of population. There are many specialties about this magical land. It
has a very ancient history. This land was occupied by different races of people at different times.
So, it has got a mixture of different cultures. Multi ethnicity is one of the main features of this
land. Though, it helps the development of culture in course of time. As we imbibed all the good
qualities of different races down the ages, it has made this land culturally very rich.
Kerala is the highest literate state in India. Cent percent literacy it has achieved many years
ago. The percentage of students going for the higher studies is also very high compared to
many other states in India. The amount of the redistribution of wealth is also very balanced
here. The welfare schemes declared by the government for the people also reach them without
much interruption or delay, because of the well defined infrastructure laid out by the
government. So, it helps to keep the harmony in the lives of the ordinary man. The number of
job opportunities created locally also helps the young generation to keep up their standard of
In total, when we talk about the safety of life enjoyed by the people in a society, we have to
consider all these factors together. For, normally a society becomes dangerous for others, when
the standard of the living of the lay man decreases. In such a society, there are many chances
for the people to turn violent and harmful to others. It is here, Kerala makes a big difference. As
the life of the common man is both economically and socially on the higher side, the crime rate
in the name of the lack of means is very low here. Along with this, the family life of the Keralites
is also worth mentioned. The family bond is quite strong in this society. Children brought up and
groomed directly under the supervision and love of the parents who are also having vey
progressive outlook about the world and life, are also having high respect and very positive
outlook about the world and others.

Overnight on a Keralan Houseboat
Keralites are very keenly watching the changes happening in the world and are ready to accept
when and where it is necessary. It is a society looking forward to the integration of the world with
all its virtues. In such a society, certainly the people respect the individual freedom of others.
Tourism is one of the growing industries in Kerala. Still it has a lot of potential to grow in the
coming days. It is made possible because of the safety and privacy offered by this land to
anybody who comes here. You can feel the difference once you travel through this land.
Whether it is night or day, it is a safe land compared to many other Indian states. Above all, this
land has a history of having received foreigners many times in the past. Certainly, it has made
them better people both culturally and economically.


Kerala imposes night curfew as virus spreads alarm. Check details here |  Latest News India - Hindustan Times
Come and enjoy the hospitality offered by the people of this land.

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