Experience the Magic of India with a Munnar Tour

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Prepare to be enchanted by the beauty of Munnar, a captivating hill station located in the southern Indian state of Kerala. With its breathtaking landscapes, rich wildlife, and aromatic tea plantations, Munnar is a must-visit destination for every traveler. Situated at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, Munnar is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, offering a peaceful and serene ambiance that will leave you rejuvenated.

  • Experience the breathtaking beauty of Munnar’s landscapes
  • Discover the rich wildlife of Munnar’s wildlife sanctuaries
  • Explore the serene tea plantations and learn about the tea-making process
  • Indulge in Ayurvedic wellness treatments and yoga in Munnar
  • Try the authentic flavors of Munnar’s local cuisine

Uncover the Beauty of Munnar

Prepare to be mesmerized by the charming attractions that Munnar has to offer.

Tea Gardens

Munnar is renowned for its picturesque tea gardens, which are a sight to behold. The lush green hills, the aromatic tea leaves, and the serene ambiance make Munnar a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

One of the most popular tea gardens in Munnar is the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, which is located at an altitude of 7,900 feet. The estate offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and is a must-visit destination for tea lovers.

Attraction Description
Eravikulam National Park Home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, this park offers stunning views of the rolling hills and verdant valleys of Munnar.
Top Station Located at an altitude of 6,000 feet, Top Station offers panoramic views of the Western Ghats and the valley of Theni district in Tamil Nadu.
Devikulam Lake Surrounded by green hills and dense forests, this serene lake is a popular spot for boating and fishing.


Munnar is also home to some spectacular waterfalls that offer a picturesque backdrop amidst the lush greenery.

The Attukal Waterfalls, located between Munnar and Pallivasal, are one of the most popular waterfalls in the region. The cascading waters and the misty ambiance create a mystical atmosphere that is a must-visit for all tourists.

  • Attukal Waterfalls
  • Lakkam Waterfalls
  • Nyayamakad Waterfalls

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Munnar’s wildlife sanctuaries are a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The Eravikulam National Park, located 15 kilometers from Munnar, is home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Other wildlife that can be spotted in the park include tigers, elephants, and leopards.

“The beauty of Munnar is unmatched. The tea gardens, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries are a must-visit for all nature lovers.”

Experience the Tranquility of Munnar’s Tea Plantations

If you’re looking for a serene and peaceful experience, then Munnar’s tea plantations are the perfect destination for you. The hill station is renowned for its lush green tea gardens and tranquil ambiance that offers a soothing escape from the bustling city life.

Take a leisurely stroll through the tea gardens and admire the picturesque landscapes that surround you. Breathe in the refreshing air and feel your worries melt away. The tea gardens are a haven for nature enthusiasts and offer a serene escape for those seeking solitude.

The tea plantations in Munnar offer a unique experience that is hard to find elsewhere. The rolling hills and the misty weather create a surreal atmosphere that is perfect for a romantic getaway. So, whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or with your better half, Munnar’s tea plantations are a must-visit destination in India.

Munnar’s tea plantations are not just a visual treat but also offer an opportunity to learn about the tea-making process. Visit Tata Tea Museum and witness the history of tea in India. Learn about the various stages of tea processing, from plucking to packaging, and gain insights into the cultural significance of tea in India.

Location Area Covered Altitude
Devikulam 5,500 hectares 1,800 meters above sea level
Kannan Devan Hills 3,500 hectares 1,600 meters above sea level
Peermade 2,500 hectares 1,100 meters above sea level

The tea plantations in Munnar are spread across several locations, with each region offering a unique experience. Devikulam, Kannan Devan Hills, and Peermade are some of the most popular locations, covering thousands of hectares of tea gardens.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Munnar, make sure to add the tea plantations to your itinerary. Experience the tranquility and peace that can only be found in Munnar’s tea gardens.

Spot Unique Wildlife in Munnar

Discover the rich biodiversity of Munnar as you explore its wildlife sanctuaries. Munnar is home to several rare and exotic species of birds, animals, and plants that reside in its lush forests. One of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in Munnar is the Eravikulam National Park, which is home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr.

Visitors can spot a variety of birds in Munnar, including the Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Black-and-Orange Flycatcher, and the White-Bellied Shortwing. In addition, you can spot playful elephants in the Carmelagiri Elephant Park. This sanctuary also offers elephant rides and elephant feeding programs for visitors.

Another sanctuary worth visiting is the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Located near the Tamil Nadu border, it is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the Giant Grizzled Squirrel, Star Tortoise, and the Indian Elephant.

Wildlife Sanctuaries of Munnar

Sanctuaries Timings Entry Fee
Eravikulam National Park 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM $2 per person
Carmelagiri Elephant Park 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM $1 per person
Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM $2 per person

It is important to note that most of the wildlife sanctuaries in Munnar are closed during the monsoon season, from June to August.

To make the most of your wildlife experience in Munnar, we recommend hiring a local guide. They can share their knowledge of the flora and fauna in Munnar and help visitors spot the rare species that call Munnar home.

Adventure Awaits: Trekking in Munnar

Are you an adventure seeker? Look no further than Munnar for your next thrilling trekking experience. The hill station offers a plethora of options for all skill levels, from beginner trails to challenging routes for experienced hikers.

One of the must-do trekking routes in Munnar is the Meesapulimala trek, which takes you through the Western Ghats and offers stunning views of the surrounding valleys and hills. The trek is not for the faint-hearted, with steep ascents and rough terrain, but the sense of accomplishment upon reaching the summit is unmatched.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed trek, the Chokramudi Peak trek is perfect for you. The route takes you to the top of the second highest peak in Munnar, offering panoramic views of the hill station. The trek is relatively easy and suitable for beginners.

What to Expect During the Trek

During your trek in Munnar, you can expect to witness lush greenery and diverse flora and fauna. Keep an eye out for exotic birds and animals such as Nilgiri tahr, Sambar deer, and elephants if you’re lucky.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience, it’s recommended to hire a local guide who can navigate the trails and provide valuable insights into the local culture and geography. It’s also important to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, carry enough water and snacks, and follow basic safety precautions.

The Best Time for Trekking in Munnar

The ideal time for trekking in Munnar is during the winter months from October to February when the weather is cool and dry. The post-monsoon season from September to November is also a great time for trekking.

However, it’s best to avoid trekking during the monsoon season from June to August as the trails become slippery and risky. During the summer months from March to May, the weather can be hot and humid, making it difficult to trek.

Experience the Thrill of Trekking in Munnar

Embark on an adventurous trekking expedition in Munnar and explore the stunning landscapes of the hill station. With its diverse trekking options and breathtaking views, Munnar is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Start planning your Munnar travel today and experience the thrill of trekking in this beautiful hill station.

Indulge in Ayurvedic Wellness in Munnar

Pamper your mind, body, and soul with rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments in Munnar. The hill station is renowned for its Ayurvedic wellness centers that offer therapeutic spa therapies, yoga, and meditation. Treat yourself to a wellness retreat in Munnar.

Experience the ultimate relaxation at Munnar’s Ayurvedic spas, which use natural herbs and oils to heal and rejuvenate your body. The Ayurvedic treatments target specific health concerns and help to soothe your mind and body. Some of the popular therapies include:

  • Abhyanga: A full-body massage using warm herbal oils to relax and detoxify the body.
  • Shirodhara: A calming therapy where warm oil is poured over the forehead, stimulating the Third Eye and promoting mental clarity.
  • Pizhichil: A unique therapy that combines a full-body massage with the application of warm herbal oils to the body.
  • Yoga and Meditation: Munnar’s tranquil environment makes it the perfect destination to practice yoga and meditation. Join a yoga class or a meditation session at the wellness centers and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

In addition to the Ayurvedic treatments, Munnar’s wellness centers offer other services such as steam baths, healthy meals, and Ayurvedic consultations. Unwind in the serene atmosphere and discover a new level of wellness in Munnar.

Experience the Authentic Flavors of Munnar

One of the must-have experiences in Munnar is indulging in its authentic cuisine. Munnar’s culinary journey is a perfect blend of traditional flavors and modern culinary techniques, offering a unique taste that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. From spicy curries to sweet treats, Munnar has it all.

The local cuisine of Munnar is heavily influenced by its history and cultural diversity. The cuisine reflects the traditional food habits of the indigenous tribes, the British, and the migrant populations.

Top Dishes to Try:

  • Appam and Stew: A popular breakfast dish, made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. The stew is a mildly-spiced vegetable or meat gravy, making it a hearty and filling meal.
  • Puttu and Kadala Curry: A quintessential breakfast dish, puttu is steamed rice flour and coconut layered in a cylindrical container. Kadala curry is a spicy chickpea gravy, making it a perfect combination with the steamed puttu.
  • Kerala Prawn Curry: A spicy and tangy dish made with fresh prawns and coconut milk, perfect for those who love seafood.
  • Mutton Roast: A classic meat dish made with roasted mutton and a blend of spices, served with a side of appam or bread.

Munnar Tea:

The hill station is renowned for its tea plantations, and the Munnar tea experience is a must-try for every traveler. From the refreshing aroma to the unique flavors, Munnar tea will spoil your taste buds. Visit the Tata Tea Museum in Munnar to learn about the history and heritage of tea in the region.

Munnar Authentic Cuisine

“Munnar’s culinary journey is a perfect blend of traditional flavors and modern culinary techniques, offering a unique taste that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.”

Don’t leave Munnar without treating yourself to the local sweets. Munnar is home to some of the most delightful desserts in India, including the Palada Payasam (rice pudding), Unniyappam (banana fritters), and Neyyappam (ghee cakes).

Experience the authentic flavors of Munnar and treat your taste buds to a culinary journey like no other.

Discover Munnar’s Colonial Heritage

Step back in time and explore the colonial heritage of Munnar, which dates back to the British era. The hill station’s colonial architecture and bungalows offer a glimpse into the past. Munnar attractions include colonial-era structures such as the Stonehouse Bungalow and the Tea Castle Resort, which boasts stunning views of the valley.

If you’re interested in religious architecture, don’t miss the Holy Trinity Church, which is over 100 years old. The church’s stained-glass windows, intricate wooden ceilings, and stunning interiors make it a must-visit location.

Those who enjoy history and architecture will appreciate Munnar sightseeing tours that take visitors on a journey through time. Delve into Munnar’s colonial era and discover the remnants of a bygone era.

“The colonial heritage of Munnar offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, taking visitors on a journey through time.”

Spectacular Waterfalls of Munnar

Get ready to be mesmerized by the stunning waterfalls in Munnar. The lush greenery surrounding the cascading waters creates a picturesque backdrop that will take your breath away. Here are some of the most spectacular waterfalls to add to your Munnar sightseeing itinerary:

Waterfall Name Height Location
Attukal Waterfalls 100 feet 9 km from Munnar town
Lakkam Waterfalls 50 feet 25 km from Munnar town
Thoovanam Waterfalls 165 feet 35 km from Munnar town

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of these waterfalls. You can also hike to some of these waterfalls for a closer look and a memorable adventure. Munnar’s waterfalls are a must-visit attraction that showcases the region’s natural beauty, making it a highlight of any Munnar attractions list.

Exploring the Tea Museum in Munnar

Step into the fascinating world of tea at the Tea Museum in Munnar. Learn about the history of tea, witness the tea-making process, and gain insights into the cultural significance of tea in Munnar. Immerse yourself in the tea heritage of Munnar.

Munnar Tea Museum

The Tea Museum is located in the Nallathanni Estate, which was established in the late 19th century by the British. The museum showcases the origins and evolution of tea plantations in Munnar, and how tea became a significant part of Munnar’s heritage.

As you explore through the museum, you’ll see old machinery and tools that were used during the early days of tea production. Witness the tea-making process and learn about the intricacies of tea processing. Gain insights into how different varieties of tea are created, and the importance of tea in Indian culture.

Visitors can also taste a diverse range of tea flavors, including black tea, green tea, and masala chai. Take home some of Munnar’s fresh tea leaves and create your own cup of tea back home.

Tips for Visiting the Tea Museum

  • The Tea Museum is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • A guided tour is recommended to learn about the rich history of Munnar’s tea production.
  • Don’t forget to try some of the unique tea flavors Munnar has to offer.

“Tea is not just a beverage, but an expression of culture and heritage in Munnar.”

Best Time to Visit Munnar

Planning a Munnar trip? It’s essential to understand the best time to visit to make the most out of your vacation. The hill station boasts a pleasant climate throughout the year, but each season offers a unique experience.

Spring (March to May)

Spring is the ideal time to witness Munnar’s blooming flowers and lush green landscapes. The weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C, making it perfect for outdoor activities like trekking and sightseeing.

Monsoon (June to September)

If you’re a monsoon lover, then Munnar should be on your bucket list. The hill station receives heavy rainfall, transforming the entire region into a verdant paradise. The weather is perfect for nature walks, ayurvedic spa treatments, and tea plantation tours.

Winter (November to February)

Winter in Munnar is the perfect time to experience the chilly weather and watch the mist roll in. The temperatures range from 5°C to 25°C, providing a cozy ambiance for travelers to enjoy the tea plantations, colonial architecture, and wildlife sanctuaries.

No matter what season you choose, a Munnar vacation will be an unforgettable experience. Plan ahead and make the most of your trip to this mesmerizing hill station.

Where to Stay in Munnar

Make the most of your Munnar travel by choosing the perfect accommodation to suit your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious resort or a cozy homestay, Munnar has something to offer for every type of traveler. Here are some of the best places to stay in Munnar:

Accommodation Type Location Price Range
Luxury Resorts Chithirapuram, Pallivasal, Chinnakanal $100-$500
Budget Hotels Munnar Town, Devikulam, Chithirapuram $20-$70
Homestays Munnar Town, Chithirapuram, Suryanelli $15-$50

Experience the warmth and hospitality of Munnar by choosing to stay in a homestay. These accommodations offer a more intimate and authentic experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture. If you’re looking for a more upscale experience, Munnar’s luxury resorts promise a surreal experience in the hills. These resorts cater to your every need, including spa treatments, outdoor activities, and more.

If you’re on a tight budget, Munnar’s budget hotels provide comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. You can enjoy basic amenities and explore the town without worrying about the costs. No matter where you choose to stay in Munnar, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience.

How to Reach Munnar

Getting to Munnar is easy with multiple transportation options available. The nearest airport to Munnar is the Cochin International Airport, which is approximately 110 kilometers away. You can take a taxi or bus from the airport to reach Munnar. If you prefer traveling by train, the nearest railway station is Aluva, which is about 110 kilometers away. From there, you can take a taxi or bus to Munnar.

If you’re traveling by road, Munnar is well-connected with major cities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. You can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Munnar. The roads leading to Munnar are scenic, offering beautiful views of the Western Ghats.

Traveling within Munnar

Once you reach Munnar, you can hire a taxi or two-wheeler to explore the hill station. Buses are also available, but they may not be very frequent. It’s recommended to hire a private vehicle for a hassle-free travel experience.

Make sure to carry warm clothing and comfortable shoes if you’re traveling to Munnar during the winter months as the temperature can drop significantly.

Plan your Munnar travel in advance to avoid last-minute hassles and make the most out of your trip.


Experience the magic of India with a Munnar tour and uncover the enchanting beauty of this captivating hill station. Whether you’re exploring the top attractions, diving into the serene tea plantations, encountering unique wildlife, challenging yourself with adventurous trekking, indulging in rejuvenating Ayurvedic wellness, savoring the authentic flavors, uncovering the colonial heritage, immersing yourself in the spectacular waterfalls, or learning about the tea heritage, Munnar offers a plethora of experiences to suit every traveler’s preferences.

Plan your Munnar tour by understanding the best time to visit and the perfect accommodation that suits your preferences. Reach this hill station with ease by exploring the various transportation options available.

Wrap up your Munnar tour with unforgettable memories that will leave you in awe of India’s natural beauty. Book your Munnar travel today and experience the magic of this hill station for yourself!


What makes Munnar a must-visit destination in India?

Munnar is known for its enchanting beauty, breathtaking landscapes, rich wildlife, and aromatic tea plantations, making it a captivating hill station that should not be missed.

What are the top attractions to explore in Munnar?

Munnar offers a range of mesmerizing sights, including picturesque tea gardens, cascading waterfalls, and other natural wonders, making it a haven for nature lovers.

How can I experience the tranquility of Munnar’s tea plantations?

To experience the serene ambiance of Munnar’s tea plantations, you can take a walk through the lush green hills, breathe in the refreshing air, and learn about the tea-making process.

What kind of wildlife can be spotted in Munnar?

Munnar is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including rare bird species and playful elephants, making it a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.

Is there any option for trekking in Munnar?

Yes, Munnar offers a plethora of trekking options for all skill levels. You can hike through the Western Ghats, witness stunning vistas, and challenge yourself with thrilling trails.

Can I indulge in Ayurvedic wellness in Munnar?

Certainly! Munnar is renowned for its Ayurvedic wellness centers that offer rejuvenating spa therapies, yoga, and meditation, providing a perfect retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

What can I expect from the local cuisine in Munnar?

Munnar’s authentic flavors include aromatic teas and lip-smacking local delicacies, offering a culinary journey like no other. Explore the local cuisine and savor the traditional dishes of this hill station.

Is there any colonial heritage to explore in Munnar?

Yes, you can uncover Munnar’s colonial past by visiting colonial bungalows and churches that are remnants of the British era, providing a glimpse into the bygone era.

Are there any spectacular waterfalls in Munnar?

Munnar is home to breathtaking waterfalls that create a picturesque backdrop amidst lush greenery, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Can I visit a tea museum in Munnar?

Absolutely! Munnar is home to a fascinating Tea Museum where you can learn about the history of tea, witness the tea-making process, and gain insights into the cultural significance of tea in Munnar.

When is the best time to visit Munnar?

The best time to visit Munnar depends on your preferences. Each season in Munnar offers a unique experience, from blooming flowers in spring to the misty monsoons. Plan your visit accordingly.

Where can I find accommodation in Munnar?

Munnar offers a range of accommodation options, including luxury resorts and cozy homestays, catering to the preferences of every traveler. Explore the best places to stay in Munnar to enhance your experience.

How can I reach Munnar?

You can reach Munnar by road, rail, or air, depending on your convenience. Plan your journey to Munnar by understanding the various transportation options available.

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