Amazing Kerala places that will leave you in awe

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Kerala is one of the most beautiful places on the planet earth. It is dearly called the ‘God’s Own
Country’. Certainly, it is a paradise on the earth. It is situated on the southern part of India. Along
the Arabian sea with a coast of around 600 Kms. This land can be divided in to three levels.
High land, middle land and low land. High land consists of western ghat. It is having many
beautiful mountains and hills. Many rivers originate from these mountains. The middle land
consists mostly of valleys, lakes, farms, back waters and water bodies. It is here the land is
more fertile and most of the agricultural activities held. The low land consists of coastal area and
water bodies. It has many placid beaches with blue water.
Kerala has many specialties. Whether it is its geography, climate or the people of this land, it
stands apart from many other Indian states. Kerala has a rich legacy and history of its own. This
land is said to be occupied by humans since time immemorial. There are evidences collected
from different parts of this land for this. When we talk about the beautiful places in Kerala, there
are quite a few.


There are quite a few hill stations in Kerala. The most visited among them are Munnar,
Thekkady and Vagamon in Idukki district and Wayand in the north of Kerala.
Wayanad can be reached from Calicut which is having a railway station and an international
airport. It is nearly 65 kms from Wayand. It takes nearly 3 to 4 hrs to reach Wayand from Calicut
by car. En route there are quite a few places to be visited. Quite a few hair pin bends are there
along the high range road while climbing the mountain to Wayanad. Lakkidi is the first view point
from there we can see the entire view down there including the winding road and the town
below. It is a breathtaking view from up there. Many tourists stop their vehicle to get a view of
this beautiful sight.
Pookode lake is the next point. It is a very big lake which covers nearly 2 kms of area. One can
walk around this lake along the pathway constructed for it. There are many activities conducted
here including boating in the lake. Getting an entry ticket one can use the facilities inside.
Vythiri is the next point. From here one can enjoy the wild beauty of Wayand. Chembra Peak is
the next breathtaking view of this place. One can go for trekking, hiking or off road jeep ride.
There are many activities held here depending on your interests one can choose.
Edakkal caves, which is having caves with cave paintings on the rock walls of it. It is a must
visited place in Wayand. One will have to climb the hills to reach the top of it to enter the caves.
Banasura Sagar dam is an earthen dam which attracts many visitors with quite a lot of activities.
Suchipara waterfalls and Kanthanpara water falls are some of the waterfalls here. Kuruva deep,
Muthanga Wildlife Sanctury, Thirunelli temple are the other places one can visit here. To cover
the whole sights, it takes nearly 3 days in Wayand.
There are are many wild life activities organised here by many operators. One can avail of their
programmes by booking in advance.
Munnar is another hill station which attracts hundreds of tourists every year. This hilly area is
filled with tea and spice plantations. There are water falls, rivers, dams, and many other breath
taking view points here in this land. One has to spend nearly 2 days to cover the whole area
here. Marayur, Chittar and Kanthallore are the other must visited places around Munnar.
Marayur is popular for the dolmens and Marayur jaggery which has got the GI tag. It has acres
of sandalwood forest which is protected by the forest department. Kanthallore has plenty of fruit
orchards. The sight of this land is mesmerizing. There are plenty of view points in Munnar,
wherever you turn there will be one view point. You will get carried away by the beauty of the
nature while you are in Munnar. It looks like you are in the midst of a green carpet as you are
surrounded by the tea palantaions everywhere.
Thekkady is another hill station which should be visited by anybody. Periyar wild life sanctuary is
the most attractive sightseeing here. One can go on a motorboat ride which is run by the forest
department, to watch the wild life here. The wild animals including elephants, wild boar
sometimes, tiger can be seen roaming around the lake here. Spice plantation visit is the next
activity here, which one cannot miss.
Vagamon is the next hill station which also attracts many people. It also has many wonderful
and beautiful sightseeing areas. Kurisumala, Thangalpara, palozhkumpara waterfalls,
Kolahalamedu pine forest are some of them.
Munnar, Thekkady and Vagamon can be reached easily from Kochin which is the nearest city
with railway stations and international airport. It takes nearly 3 to 4 hrs drive from Kochi to reach
any of these destinations by car or van.
The backwaters of Kerala is a trend among all the tourists who visit Kerala. It is one of the most
preferable tour for many. Cruising on a houseboat along the width and breadth of the lakes and
hundreds of its canals, enjoying the beauty and serenity of the Kuttanadan villages, carpets of
paddy fields which will sooth the minds of anyone, calm and quiet rustic village life are some of
the things one can enjoy during their Alleppy trip. Staying overnight on a houseboat, enjoying
the Kerala cuisine prepared onboard by a chef will give you an unique experience of its kind.
Alleppy lies only 60 kms from cochin to its south. It takes 1.30 hrs drive from Kochi to Alleppy.
The very attractive beaches are the next stop for many tourists to Kerala. Cherai is the beach in
Cochin. It is 25 kms from the city centre. A very clean beach with a lot of hotels, resorts and
homestays. There is aqua sport held in this beach destination. Situated in a clam and quiet
village area, one can enjoy utmost peace here. Spending one or two nights enjoying the beauty
of the nature and sea is worth for your visit. No swimming is allowed here. Vyppin is a sere
village next to Cherai where you can enjoy the water sports in the sea.
Kovalam is the world renowned beach destination situated in Thiruvananthapuram. The tourists
started visiting this destination way back in 1970’s itself. It is so dear to the beach lovers. Lying
in the south corner of Thiruvananthapuram city it gives comfort to hundreds of visitors every
year. Light house beach, Eves beach and Ashoka beach are the popular beaches here.
Varkala is another beach destination lying between Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram. It is one of
the favourite beach destinations of many beach revelers. There are quite a number of hotels,
resorts and homestays which will cater to the needs of hundreds of tourists. Cliff beach and
papanasam beaches are the popular beaches.
In sum total, Kerala as a whole is very attractive. This destination can be visited throughout the
year irrespective of the climate change or season. This land is made more attractive to others
for the hospitality of the people of this land. Well educated and cultured people are the asset of
any region. So, Kerala has plenty of them. ‘Adhiti Devo Bhava’ is the motto of the locals here for
the outsiders.

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